Podcast - Sherqiy Türkistan Avazi

This study examines the relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the people of East Turkistan; specifically, between China’s settler colonialism and East Turkistan’s independence movement. What distinguishes this study is its dispassionate analysis of the East Turkistan’s national dilemma in terms of international law and legal precedent as well as the prudence with which it distinguishes substantial evidence from claims of China’s crimes against humanity and genocide in East Turkistan that have not been fully verified yet.

The author demonstrates how other states have ignored the nature of that relationship and so avoided asking key questions about East Turkistan that have been asked and answered about other occupied and colonized states. The book analyzes this situation and provides the tools and the argument to understand East Turkistan’s actual status in the international community. Currently, the world has bought into China’s rhetoric about “stability” and “fighting extremism,” and international organizations accept China’s presentation of Uyghurs and other people as “minorities” within a Chinese nation-state. This book instead shows East Turkistan can correctly be understood through history and law as an illegally occupied territory…